An Imaginary Mother


Pomonal Publishing (or that part of it responsible for this blog) has been quiet over the southern summer buildup of heat, dry, Christmas/New Year madness and the usual bushfire threats.  But I promise new posts soon as we get up to speed with several exciting projects for 2016.

In the meantime, here’s a book recommendation, not one of our own publications, but written by one of our collective.  Imaginary Mother by Bron Nicholls, published by BlackPepper

Author: pomonaljane

Writer, Retired film maker, Reader.

3 thoughts on “An Imaginary Mother”

  1. This is a stunningly crafted and moving memoir. Bron Nicholls is a consummate wordsmith; I thoroughly recommend it. And you’ll support the existence of small, independent publishers like Black Pepper by purchasing it!

  2. These excerpts are fascinating. For some reason the story puts me in mind of the Lost Children from Britain, and Carolyn Steedman’s wonderful book, part academic, part memoir Landscape for a Good Woman, the struggles of women of our mother’s generations, those before the 1950s, who missed out on rooms of their own. And had to live with the consequences of all that unspoken regret.

  3. Yes, in many ways this is such a classic story. The Forgotten Generation, they are being called now. Since the author is my sister I can claim to know a little about the back story. Amazing how the grief and anger carries down through the generations!

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