And work goes on…

In recovery mode after the launch of our second poetry publication: ‘Still Life With Grandmother’. (Is it a month already?) Those of you who understand this publishing hobby was only meant to keep me out of mischief while my body fell into undignified demise, may well imagine the toll that event took on me.  If you missed the excitement, visit YouTube to hear the author, Christopher Race, reading from the title poem. Or yours truly trying to ensure Pomonal Publishing is not taken to be something it never can be, unless someone more able than myself sits in the driving seat.

currawong calling

We struggle on, getting ready to upload ‘Currawong Calling’, the latest work for younger readers by acclaimed children’s author, Bron Nicholls (my sister, as it happens).  A quiet novel for a more individual readership, this will be a limited edition, by author request. Fans of Bron’s work may let us know via this site, if you would like to pre-order a copy.


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2 responses to “And work goes on…

  1. ganyu

    I really enjoyed ‘dropping into’ the poetry reading and launch of Chris’ Book. Like you said in your piece about PP, the film and publishing worlds have changed beyond recognition in our lifetimes, but equally so this business of time-travel .. being able to revisit the past via the click of a mouse. Dr Who here we come!
    But seriously, congratulations all round. The book, the poetry, the launch. Great stuff. Here’s to more from PP.

  2. Workable

    We’d like to pre-order Currawong Calling, thanks! Jen & Art

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