Just call me Rupert…

Last night I picked up PP’s latest project from the printer – the first edition of a community newsletter – and delivered it to the local store. I’m rather chuffed at the result because I’m not a journalist, and have done little writing of that nature, but when asked to take on this job I could see no good reason to say ‘no’.  Adapt or perish

Since retiring from my city life (as a filmmaker, script writer/teacher) living in the country has opened up a whole new way of being. Publishing, instead of making films, being just one of many adjustments. The local community sometimes seems like a 19th Century village, with its slower pace, tree-changer/farmer population combo, and quite a few older people whose forebears settled this reagon and who, consequently, have a rather different political outlook to my own. Lots of face to face contact with people at the shop, where we all have to collect our mail, has enabled me to watch and listen and take delight in these differences.

I guess I bonded with this community after surviving the big bushfire that went through here early in 2006.  People who barely knew me looked out for me because that’s the way they do things in rural Australia.  Many stories to tell – and one day will – suffice now to say that I’m delighted to be able to provide a newsletter for this community, as a way of giving back and getting to know it even more.

And this undertaking has already put me in contact with another local writer who has offered to help with the newsletter, and whom I hope to entice into PP’s indie publishing adventure.  This ‘small publishing house’ as someone so nicely called it in a comment here recently.

Community news



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4 responses to “Just call me Rupert…

  1. ganyu

    Hey! This is fantastic news. Can we view the Newsletter online? Would you like a foreign correspondent?

  2. Thanks Ganyu, but the newsletter is actually produced for the P Progress Ass. for locals rather than general on-line and potentially world-wide consumption. (‘A local shop for LOCAL people!’ chuckle) The jpeg at bottom of post: ‘Come Fly With Us’ will have to satisfy for now.
    But hey – I could post you a copy and you could read it at the breaky table with your morning cuppa like a proper newspaper.

  3. Annie Drum

    Hey this is wonderful Jane, do you need any feature articles or short stories? Just kidding, I am sure you will have enough info to send out to locals and beyond. As Ganyu says, an online edition in the future would be great! Looking forward to reading the newsletter.

  4. Greetings Jane, Carole here on a Canberra visit. Wonderful to read about Pomonal news from this far away! Congratulations and full commendations for the comments on the richness of small community life in the regions.

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