About Us:

We are a group of writers and artists exploring the opportunities available to us through digital publishing.  

This blog will be the story of how we develop from very small beginnings  (our first book was printed on an ink jet printer and hand stitched)  into, we hope, a professional independent publishing venture. 

Proudly announcing our most recent publication: 'Undercurrents' showcasing the work of Wimmera artist, Chris Nicholls. ISBN 978-0-646-90437-5  available in selected bookstores or by contacting us here.

‘Undercurrents’ showcases the work of Wimmera artist, Chris Nicholls.
ISBN 978-0-646-90437-5

For further information about our published list and soon to be published books visit our main website:  POMONAL PUBLISHING    and    OUR LIST

2 responses to “About Us:

  1. ganyu

    Great to see this Jane. A small beginning but I have a feeling its set for a long journey to some great places. I hope I get to share some of the stages.

  2. Thanks ganyu. Yes, PP hopes you do too! Have you also seen the main website at http://www.pomonalpublishing.com ? As you see, it’s all still a work in progress.